Wednesday, February 29, 2012

911 From the Cat in the Hat

I never would have thought to add in a learning moment about 911 based on the book "The Cat in the Hat".  I have been behind on planning our lesson for this week and hurried over to Homeschool Share yesterday to get some ideas in order.  I found the "The Cat in the Hat" lesson plans and knew just what we would be working on the rest of the week.  I loved the colors of the pages and the fun games they tied in.  After going over the plans I noticed a section that said to teach about stranger danger and 911!  What a wonderful thought.  I decided I would take the time to go over this with my children.  I found a great print out of a telephone and used that for them to practice dialing 911.  Then we went over some scenarios about when it is ok to dial 911 and when it is not.  I am so glad that I took the time to go over this with them.  Thank you Homeschool Share for coming up with something that seems so simple to go along with our lesson for the week!

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