Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking good!

Over the past few weeks I have been working on decluttering and reorganizing the classroom.  I have really accomplised a lot and I am so excited with how it is going.  I just purchased some new material over the weekend that is fun and has a cute school theme to it, to create some new window treatments and recover the cushions on the chairs in here that the kids have at their desks.  I have been weeding out books and decided that less is more.  I will make a list of what we have and keep out several for reading fun, and for learning.  The rest go in a tub under a bed and each month they will be rotated so we wont get bored.  S has really started to enjoy reading and asks for new readers almost each time we are out.  I cannot say no to that!  After buying several over the weekend we have agreed that if she reads 2 a week until she has read through each of the ones she has that she can start getting more again.  I think she likes that agreement.  I hope to get the new curtains done soon and I plan to post pictures of the new room!!!

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