Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday "Un"School Day

Today was our "Un"School Day.  I like to fit one in each week.  We do all kinds of "un"school things.  Today we painted eggs, colored eggs, stickered eggs, made cards and finished our bunny puppets.  During all of this we sang songs, talked about the colors we were using, counted eggs, you know - the school stuff in disguise!  I love days like this.  They are learning but have no clue that they are learning.  I also have found out that I am addicted to finding new things for us to do.  I have been reading TONS of great homeschooling blogs and I am so excited to really get started this fall.  I am starting my planning now, so come fall everything will be ready to go and we can get started.  Today I made a checklist of things to do, buy and read about.  I am a list person so this helps me feel better about what is coming up!!!  Ok, on to the fun stuff.  This is how our day went...
I forgot to take pics of the eggs as we dyed them.  Look in the background of the image below and you can see the results of that experiment.

S painting her egg.  Hers was the only one that didn't drip all together and turn one color.  I must say, I was very disappointed with this process.  The kids had fun though!  That is all that matters.

N painting his egg.

N again.  He really enjoyed painting the eggs with those little rollers.  The eggs were just a bit too hard for him to manage though.  

The project above is from a blog I found last night.  I wish I had the foresight to write it down so I could link back to it.  Basically I painted the kids palms white and then they "stamped" it on the paper and washed their hands.  Then I painted their fingers white and they stamped that and we allowed the "bunnies" to dry.

After drying we added pom pom noses and cheeks and googley eyes.  They then colored on the pink part for the ears and wiskers.  S's bunnies are above.

These are N's bunnies.  We also added "Some Bunny Loves You!!!" to the front.  These will be handed out over the weekend.

Above are the 2 dinosaurs we put together.  The kit had several in it but they were just not that practical and the kids couldn't put them together.  So hubby and I put 1 together and let the kids pick which eggs they wanted in which dinosaur.  They are cute!

After stickering the eggs we decided that they were just not colorful enough so we broke out the markers and drew on the.  N is above coloring his egg.  Below are some finished eggs and some we decided to just leave alone and eat! :)

I hope that everyone has had a great Good Friday.  Do not forget that today is much more than coloring eggs.  Today is the day that they hung My savior on a cross to die.  The ultimate sacrifice for my soul.  I cannot imagine how the Heavens wept.  Praise God for loving us so much. 
"John 3:16"

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