Thursday, May 19, 2011

And To Think...

I thought we were done with school work for the most part until this coming August.  My children, have other ideas!  They have been asking each night if we can PLEASE do school tomorrow.  Each help lay out a few things they would like to do the next day and we have a shortened version of our school day.  I am so happy that they love doing their school work so much that they are eager to keep on going!

In other news!  I just ordered S's math curriculum.  Did I mention that I changed my mind on what to use?  Well I did!  We decided to go with Horizon's Math.  I love the spiral approach that it offers and I am confident that it will grow with her over the years.  The reviews are outstanding!  For Phonics/Reading we are using "The Reading Lesson".  She is doing it off and on right now and doing very well with it.  I have to slow her down because she wants to do an entire lesson a day.  For handwriting we are planning to use Handwriting Without Tears.  I have heard great things about that program as well.  I cannot wait for all of our items to come in.

Now, Momma wants some pretty new things for the school year as well.  I want "The Well Planned Day Planner" and the binder that goes along with it.  It looks like the perfect tool to keep the entire family organized.

I am very excited about the upcoming year.  I look forward to teaching my children new things and important life lessons each day.  That is what being a mom is all about!

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