Thursday, May 5, 2011


I love blogs!  I am not the best at keeping up with my own, but I love reading other peoples work.  I have been going over several homeschool blogs tonight and I have found some that I think are very interesting.  I love the ideas and the methods that people put in place while teaching their children.  I will try to introduce one every few days or each week as I come across them and tell you what I LOVE about their blogs.  Today the blog I am LOVING is "Counting Coconuts".  She is following the Montessori approach and it is very interesting.  It is not the approach that I plan to use but I do love some of the things she uses.  One thing I want to make sure we incorporate are the Sensory Tubs.  I think they will be great for both kids but especially N.  I also like the Poetry Baskets she uses.  I think it will be lots of fun to incorporate those things into our daily routine.  I will have to make sure that I plan out the day well so that both children get to take time with each activity on their own and maybe some time together but I am not sure how well that will work out mess wise!

On another note... We have not done much in the way of school so far this week.  I just have not felt up to it. My allergies are kicking my butt.  Our schedule has gone haywire because of it as well.  The kids are not going to bed at our normal times, the house is messier and I feel a bit out of control.  But the other night we played all kinds of card games and had fun floor time.  Today S did do some handwriting practice and N usually does all of the puzzles each day.  What can I say, he loves puzzles!  I am feeling some better this evening so I am planning to get back in the swing of life tomorrow and wrap up this crazy week on Friday.

I am still unsure of the theme for next week but I have got to get moving on it because we are going to the library tomorrow to get our new books.  I will allow each of them to pick out some for reading but I will also pick out some for our daily school work.  Any ideas on themes?  Hurry!  I don't have much time left.  I should have these ideas already down on paper and the week planned out but like I said, I just haven't been up to it.

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