Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sometimes Plans Change

I planned and planned this week out.  I had each day down to the minute what we were going to do and guess what?!  N got sick then S got sick.  SO...plans changed.  We did not get to go to the carnival :(  BOO!  We did get to go to the library and get our carnival books so that has helped break up the boredom these past few days.  Here are some looks at what all we did this week...

Pom Pom Math  S counts out the pom poms and either adds or subtracts them to get the answer.  She will make them in patterns or in rows by color depending on what I ask her to do.  It is lots of fun for her.

N matching letter magnets to the ABC game.  It is easier for him to do it this way and it will keep him occupied for a very long time! 
This coming week we will be doing Cinco de Mayo things - coloring pages, art projects and books.  We plan to end the week with a fiesta!  I can't wait!

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