Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Heart is Smiling

I LOVE being a mommy!  I am so happy that God chose for me to be the one to stay home with them and teach them the things that they are learning.  This past week I was a bit anxious about the new things we were going to be covering.  We were delving into consonant digraphs - ch, th, sh, wh - and counting by 10's.  S just grasped how to count to 100 in the past few weeks and we had not really done much in the way of skip counting.  She had just learned CVC words and a few bigger ones but I wasn't sure she was ready to start making the longer sounds.  Boy was I WRONG!  She dove in head first with both concepts and is doing so well with each one.  I give all the glory to God!  He is helping me find ways to teach her the things I was not sure I could teach.  He gives me the words I need to speak to show her how things work together.  In other words, she is learning.... A LOT and it makes my heart smile!

N is doing very well too.  In the past few weeks he has learned how to hold a pencil correctly and has started copying most anything I write down for him to write.  He has been working in his workbooks regularly (by his insistence) and is catching on to so much so fast!  I cannot believe how quickly a child's mind absorbs such things.  They truly are like little sponges.  It really does make my heart smile!

On Wednesday's we are joined by 2 of the greatest kids I know.  We have a blast together.  We do our book work together and then work on some Bible, science and other FUN things!  This past week we made our own pets.  These pets are perfect pets. They don't poop, pee, bark, whine, yelp or do any of the other things some find annoying about pets.  These are Pet Rocks!  I first had the kids paint the rocks white.  Since most children are not patient I used my blow drier and sped up the drying process.  After that they each used markers and colored them up.  They got to chose the googly eyes they wanted to use and glued those on and named them.  Here they are...

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