Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tot School

The tot in the house insists on doing "school" each day with his sister.  I have been semi successful at finding things for him to do but he got bored and wanted "MORE mommy!"  I saw in last weeks paper that Walgreens had their workbooks 2/$4 so I went straight over and picked some up.  They are a HIT!  First thing I sit S down and ask her to color or draw quietly while her brother and I do his school work.  He does 1-3 sheets per book depending on his mood.  He is learning from the books very quickly and I couldn't be happier.  He had learned to write his name all own his own and I am finding random N's all over the house (not so happy about that).  Here are some shots of Tot School...

In addition to the work books we also have manipulatives for him to play with, a large collection of puzzles, flashcards and LOADS of coloring books.  He seems to really enjoy his Tot School-ing.  *sorry about the quality of the photo's

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