Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ice Cream Melt Down

In planning our ice cream theme for last week, I neglected to notice that it was also VBS week for my kids.  That meant that they were whiney, grumpy and tired from the previous nights activities.  We didn't get to do many of the activities I had planned.  We did use the printables and LOVED them!  I definitely recommend checking out 2 Teaching Mommies if you want to incorporate themes and units in your classroom.  N is the one who uses the bulk of the material but S enjoys the games.

This week we have been doing Noah - Rain - Rainbows.  I am using the printables from 2 Teaching Mommies unit for Rain.  I found a weather graph and watercycle printables from Super Teacher Worksheets. I laminated each sheet as I plan to use them regularly to explain weather patterns and record them.

We have listened to the story of Noah on CD that came with a book.  It was a gift and my kids love it.  I found several different images of the ark from start to end of the flood for the kids to color each day in sequence to reinforce the story.  The kids have made their own ark from building blocks.  I am planning other fun activities to go along with this theme through the week.  We have watched VeggieTales: Minnisotta Cuke and the search for Noahs Umbrella and "Evan Almighty".  Both are very good movies and my children enjoyed both.  I am sure repeat viewings are in my future and honestly, I am ok with that!

I am really enjoying this journey that God laid at my feet.  It isn't one I would have chosen for myself but I think that is what makes it so great!  I hope to have more images of our science fun and action shots later this week.  I also hope to re-do the ice cream theme this winter when we need a good dose of summer!  Until then, happy homeschooling!

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