Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life in the swamp...

That is what we learned about last week.  We even grew our own alligator!  We learned about the alligators, pig frogs, wood ducks, crawfish and flamingo's - along with our regular day-to-day work.  All in all it was a great week.  Wanna see how we grew an alligator?

I bought a Grow and Alligator toy at the dollar store for $1.
I gathered all of the supplies (bowl and water) and then we measured him and felt of him.  We charted our data and then placed him in the bowl and covered it with water.

Day 1 Data: 
Measures - 8"
Looks/Feels - S: hard but the bottom is soft.
N: Hard and can bend

Then we put him on the shelf and waited 24 hours.

Day 2 Data:
Measures - 7"
Feels/Looks - S: Soft and mushy and bendy
N: Sends, soft and stomps (hey, he's just 3 it may stomp to him!)

We placed him back on the shelf and waited another 24 hours.

Day 3 Data:
Measures - 8 3/4"
Feels/Looks - S: Hard and bumpy on top, mushy on bottom "got fat"
N: tail is spongy, feet are bendy

We then placed him on the shelf and waited 48 hours.  Thursday was not a great day and we didn't get around to our Science that day.  What can ya do but move forward?

Notice the habitat?  He grew so much the couple of days prior I had to find a larger bowl to put him in!
Day 5 data:
Measures - 10 1/2"
Feels/Looks - S: Soft, bendy, mushy, soft on bottom
N: heavy, bendy and hard

The over all consensus is that the alligator GREW a LOT and was mush and soft!  It was fun to do this experiment with the kids and hear them come up with words to describe the alligator.  They really enjoyed talking to it as we measured it and they like pouring the water over it each day.  This will be revisited with other animals as needed because it was fun, cheap and it was educational.

On another note, I have found some great teaching units that are perfect for the kids to work on each week along with our other day-to-day work.  We had planned to do rain/rainbows next week until I saw the unit for Icecream.  I quickly downloaded the unit, printed it and got it all put together for a week full of icecream fun!  You can find all the units HERE from 2 Teaching Mommies.  I see some homemade icecream in our future! YUM!

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