Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have wanted to do the workbox system for some time but I did not want to shell out the money to get the fancy ones I see out there.  The other day I was at the Dollar Tree and ran across some great little shelves that stack up on top of each other.  They had 4 colors: pink, purple, blue and green.  Each one was $1!  I bought one of each and brought them home.  I stacked them up and was sooo excited that my papers fit in them.  I went out and bought another set and made one set blue and green and one set pink and purple and now each child her his/her own workbox set.  I plan to go get a few more (if they have some left) to add to them.  I love being able to just go to the box and pulling out what I want them to work on at that time.

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