Monday, July 4, 2011

Great Big Break!

We have taken a great big break from school work.  Not because we wanted a break but because we were putting together a classroom!!!  I am so excited to have a room designated just to schooling the kids.  We have a large table for S's book work and a computer.  We have a smaller table with 2 chairs that is perfect for N to do his puzzles or for the kids to sit and do their art projects.  We have 2 book cases and well the hubs has his fly tying equipment in there so he can be in there while we are in there.  It has turned into a favorite room.  I find the kids in there just playing, looking at books, putting together puzzles and enjoying their own space for learning.  The hubs goes in there and just sits!  He says it is peaceful in there and he likes to just have some peace now and then (Oh, don't we all!).  I will have to get some pics of the room posted soon.

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