Friday, July 15, 2011

The Eagles Nest (AKA the classroom)

Here is The Eagles Nest!  I am so excited to be getting things in order in there.  It is a pleasure to have a room that the kids and I can sit in and get our school work done.  We have officially started school work just this week and the week has been great!  I will have a post on our first science project (transparent egg) soon!

Our work and computer area.  This works out well for us.
N playing with the blocks and asked me to take his pic! :)  I was glad to do so!

Our shelves with our most used stuff and our weather and days of the week center.  I plan to make a weather graph for us to record the weather for the year!
The other book shelf with a few of the kids favorite books on the bottom and some storage bins with workbooks in them.
Calendar area.
S hard at work at their table.
The reading area.  The basket is full of library books.
Close up of the other shelf and our time out chairs.
And last but not least, the eagle!

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