Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to travel to a friends house for the day.  I was excited because I don't get to see said friend near enough.  They live over an hour away.  The kids were excited because they got to see their friends and play but also because they got to ride a horse!  You see, my kids are slightly obsessed with horses.  Ok, obsessed may be an understatement!  My dear, sweet friend led us all to the barn and patiently led each of the 5 kids around the pen on the beautiful pony named Bullet.  My kids have not stopped talking about it or drawing pics of Bullet.  Neither of them had been even close enough to pet a horse, let alone ride one.  S kept talking about how her dreams had come true!  Melts my heart!  Here are some shots from that day!

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