Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Things

The kiddos and I are looking forward to starting our day off in a new way.  We will be doing a Morning Meeting!

We will start the day off with a Bible Study.  We will be starting The Dig this week and I look forward to it.  After Bible we will do our prayer and pledge.  Since S will no longer be doing her Saxon Math we needed a calendar time.  I started by going back to the calendar notebooks we used to use.  S was having some trouble with writing the date sentence out herself so I printed off some strips to put on the wall for her to refer to.  Find them here on Mama Jenn.

That prompted me to go all out and get a calendar for the classroom.  It was perfect timing too, I had several Office Max Perks saved up and the calendar I wanted just happen to fit into that budget!  Yay for free!!!

For the calendar board I put the numbers on with hook and loop tape.  I used the prickly part on the back of the weather cards and used felt on the wall and the weather board to stick them to.  I love the frogs.

After we go over our calendar time we will move into a read aloud book.  The kids have chosen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for our first book.  We love the movie and are sure to enjoy the book.  I will be searching for some unit type things to do with the kids around the book as well.  After that we will move into Science and History/Geography.  Then onto... ART! I love art and so do they. I found a great book on CBD.com called Primary Art - Book A by Dianne Sturrett. We will start out with learning our primary colors and creating a color wheel. Then we will add in primary colors and start with lesson 1.

I look forward to starting these new things with the kiddos and seeing what we can add to our morning meeting.  I hope to have more about our calendar notebook soon!

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