Sunday, September 23, 2012

Number Munchers: Less Than, Greater Than, Equal To

After seeing THIS PIN  I went to THIS BLOG and fell in love with the idea of these cute little math tools.  Normally I would be all over letting S create these for herself but I know that would turn into a project much bigger than I had intended since N would also want to create something.  Instead I created them myself.  I used permanent markers to color the sticks. I glued colorful googly eyes to the tops - to show which direction the muncher should face - and glued the teeth to the back.  I cannot wait to show them to S.  
My plan is to take a deck of cards and remove the A, K, J, Q cards and then randomly place them on the floor and her decide which of the munchers to use.  I think it will help her to really absorb the lesson and it will be loads of fun too!

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