Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trucking Along

I *think* we have found our rhythm and our groove in our homeschool journey this year!  I was really worried that somethings were not going to work for us.  Turns out, I was over thinking it.  We have set Saxon Math 2 to the side for Math Mammoth and we are not looking back.  S is doing great with it!  She is also really enjoying the readers that go along with the All About Spelling Level 1.  We are going to have to purchase the rest of the set soon, I think!  She has progressed through AAS very well and seems to be learning a lot about it.  N has added K12 Math for Kindergarten and so far he is really enjoying the program.    He made an adorable robot out of the shapes he colored and cut out, yesterday.  He is progressing with The Reading Lesson.  I was worried that he may not be ready to learn to read.  We are taking it VERY SLOWLY (one page a day or so) so that he will not get over whelmed.

This week we started Charlie and Chocolate Factory along with a lapbook and The Dig for Kids.  Both of these have added some great new fun to our Morning meeting.  I just need to find some coloring sheets for the kids to use during The Dig so they focus better.  My children both absorb more when their hands are busy doing something else.

I am reading the new book by Lysa Turkeurst Unglued.  Talk about hitting home!  It is really opening my eyes to my life and I am seeing how I can make "imperfect progress" and move forward.  I am trying to stay on top of the house and chores but that isn't going as well as I had hoped.

I am excited to see the fun new things we do throughout this year!

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