Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012 - 2013 Curriculum Choices

I *think* I have finally decided on our curriculum for next year! YAY!!!  I have been researching and praying about our choices since the first of the year.  I am pleased with the things I have selected and pray that they work out for us.  S will be in 1st and N will still be doing PreK work as he wont be 5 until the end of August.  I don't want to push him into school work too much.  I can tell that he is picking up tons going through the day with S and I.  He will sit in on Science and History.  So here are my choices...

Bible - Copywork!  I plan to start going through and finding some easy short verses that S can read and copy.  She will work on writing those and memorizing them.

Reading - Reading Eggs S and N have both been working on this site for some time now and we love it.  They will continue with this until the program ends and then we will see where we should head next.

Math - Saxon Math 1 After bombing with Horizons (don't get me wrong their approach is solid) we want to go with something much more hands on and that will make her think through the problem more.  I have read some great reviews and have a friend who really enjoyed the K program this year.

Science - Land Animals of the Sixth Day, Apologia These books are outstanding.  I am so excited to get started with them.  We are starting with the land animals because that is what my children show the most interest in and lets face it, they learn better when they are learning about something that interests them.

History - History for Little Pilgrims This just looks cute and sounds great!  I think it will be a great day time cuddle session book.  I think we will also get the coloring book.  My kids love to color (who doesn't?!).

Writing/Art - Draw Write Now S LOVES to draw, I mean LOVES it!  She would rather be drawing than most anything else, so this is a no brainer for me.  She will learn how to draw the characters that are in the book and then she will do the copywork that goes along with the drawing.  I am the most excited about this part of the year!!

So, there it is!  If you have used any of this curricula please leave me a review, good or bad.  I am excited about the year ahead and cannot wait to start ordering our supplies!

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! Don't be afraid to change it up mid year if it isn't working. We started out with Math U See and have switched to Singapore. You just have to use what works for your kiddos. Audrey is in first grade and gonna be heading into 3rd grade math soon. We just had to find what worked for her. Also... we LOVE Apologia. :) We started with Astronomy this year and will be doing Botany next year. I also really like Apologia's Bible study series! I need to look into that Draw Write Now!!