Friday, April 20, 2012

End of the Year!

Here we are at the end of our school year.  We have wrapped up most all of our work and are gearing into our summer break mode!  I have really enjoyed this school year.  It came with MANY UPS and MANY DOWNS!  There were days I would hide in the bathroom and cry and there were days that I went to bed almost singing because the day was great.  I plan to make a lot of changes starting now and carrying them over through next year.  Starting today we have quiet time after lunch.  The kids get to chose a movie and then they have to lay on the couch and be still and quiet from beginning til end.  They can go to sleep if they want but I need that little bit of quiet for myself to recharge.  We will also have more structured days.  I plan to start a chore board (I'll blog about that as soon as I create it) and a school board.  I want the kids to be held accountable for the things that must get done in a day.  I want them to see their progress and know that they are making a difference.  I hope that those changes starting now will help throughout the next several months to prepare us for 1st grade and PreK!  I cannot believe my babies are growing so much so fast!  I will leave you with 2 new pics of them at a local theme park from last weekend!

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