Monday, April 16, 2012

Copywork IS fun?

Who knew that copying something that someone else wrote would be fun?  I didn't have a clue.  I was planning to do copywork for Bible next year so I have been digging and researching.  While looking around I found a GREAT website.  Sheri Graham does great work making her copywork interesting enough for the youngest copiers.  I purchased her Horse Copywork from her affiliated site, Currclick.  I printed it off, placed it and a pencil pouch in a binder and let S pick out her cover sheet.  Here is how she set it up...

Sorry for the upside down image.  Blogger wouldn't cooperate. 

Not to be outdone by big sister, N decided he needed a Copywork book too.  So mommy got busy making one for him as well.  He is working on ABC's and practicing his name.  Right now I am only interested in keeping him interested.  I am not too concerned with letter structure, or memorization.  I am confident that it will come soon enough.  Here is his book...

He and I worked together to color the pictures for the outside.  He went with Great Whites while S went with horses.  I love how different my children are and how much alike they are.  Tonight, my heart is happy!
Did I mention that S tested in 2nd grade math?  She completely skipped 1st grade!  To God be the glory!  She sure didn't get it from me.  I am so excited to see where this road He placed us on takes us.

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