Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh What A First Week it Was

August the 6th, 2012, found us starting our first day of the new school year.  S is now in first grade and N is doing K.  The week started out great!  We jumped right into Math, Reading and a couple of Lapbooks (S is doing Rabbits and N is doing Letter A).  Wednesday was our scheduled day off or make up day.  We will be using it that way until we start co-op in a few weeks.  Thursday we had school as normal and wrapped up the day.  Hubby came home from work and we were getting the day settled.  5 o'clock showed up and I started having serious abdominal cramps.  Not just "take an aspirin and call me in the morning" cramps, but full force, me on the floor curled up into the fetal position, crying the ugly cry, cramps.  After about an hour and a half of that nonsense I passed a kidney stone.  OH JOY!  I am not shocked by this because we have known for years that I have some "in there" but I sure wasn't planning it.  This makes stone #3 in about 11 years.  The last scan showed 5 "in there" but the urologist said that nature would just do it's course.  Yeah, thanks nature!  Here it is the weekend and I have spent the bulk of it laying around, doing as little as possible.  I am starting to feel tremendously better and know I am on the mend.  We are looking forward to Monday and all of the fun things that should happen.  Until then, here are some uber-cute new pics of the kids from their first day...

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