Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Respect Copywork - Review

We received our very first product to review from Knowledge Box Central just last week and I am very excited to share with you what we think about it.  We chose Respect Copywork.  We have been having some issues with attitude and smart mouths around here so this fit the bill perfectly!  (See, homeschoolers are no different than any other child!)

Our thoughts...

The content of this copywork is great.  It is spot on what I want to instill in my children.  While the copywork is a bit wordy for my 6 year old we made it work just right for us.  I read the verse to her and we discussed it.  Then we went back over it and I chose a few words that I feel really bring the point home for her to copy.  This made it less daunting and more enjoyable for my less than eager writer.  Turns out she really enjoyed it (using brand new glitter gel pens may have added to the enjoyment!).
This is an example of how I broke it down to suit our needs.  I just underlined the words she was to copy.  I am not overly focused on the penmanship because the purpose of this is to teach RESPECT.  I found that it is very easy to make this copywork truly work for the student.
Another sample of how we made it work for us. - I underlined part of the sentence that she needed to focus on "consider others better than yourselves." and had her copy it one word per line.  We reread the verse and talked about it.  

At the end of each lesson you have a "Thinking Question".  I chose to have S draw a picture of what the verse means to her.  You could even use this for dictation if you wanted to write it in for your child or if your child is ready, they can fill it in themselves.  I loved the way she was able to come up with illustrations to show me that she really "got it".

"Romans 12:10  - Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.  Honor one another above yourself."
She drew a picture of her and her brother with hearts around them.  We discussed that in Christ's eyes we are all brothers and sisters.  She that it was funny that in heaven she and I will be sisters!  :)

"consider others better than yourselves." was the point of this lesson.  She decided that giving the last slice of pie to the other person was a good way of showing that others are better than yourself.  This is her example of doing that as she gives the last slice of pie to her brother while she stands with a horse! lol!

 My girl does not enjoy hand writing but she loves to draw.  I think that having her draw the images at the bottom really helps her absorb the lesson.  This was a blessing for us and is helping her to understand how to show respect to others.  I look forward to continuing this with her.

To sum it all up...
I think that this set of copywork is a great addition for anyone looking to add on a Bible or Character Trait Study. It is easy to adapt to your child and teaching.  This will not be the last Character Trait Study we do from Knowledge Box Central that is certain!

Want a copy for your classroom?  You can get it here from CurrClick or here directly from Knowledge Box Central.

Please note that I did receive this copy for free to review.  The opinions expressed are mine and directly reflect how we used the product and how it worked for us.  

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