Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 2 - Settling In

Week 2 was a bit more relaxed as we were learning more of what to expect out of each other.  There were a few changes made to the workbox order and it seems to be helping.  I have also added in a special "break" box for S.  I just print off a cute animal picture or word search and hide it in one of the lower boxes.  She has been so excited each time she found one of those in her workbox.  I plan to keep that up for as long as I can without her getting board with it.  N is really enjoying finding "new stuffs", as he calls it, in his boxes. I have been trying to come up with some fun things to throw in there for him until his new books come in.  I have ordered him a new math workbook that I think will really help.  I will have more on that as soon as it comes in, along with a few other things that I am adding to his boxes.

This week we started our Apologia Zoology 3 book. The kids colored the pictures that go with the lesson and made listening ears.  They love their listening ears!  I find N wearing his around the house just because he likes them so much.  He says they are cheetah ears and they make him run fast!  Boys!  Here they are posing with their ears on.  They are pretending to be animals.  :)

We were blessed this week with some new gravel for the driveway.  The kids were SO excited to watch the dumptruch dump them out as he drove up the driveway.  (Maybe we don't get out enough?!)
(Note N wearing his listening ears?! ^)

We are ready and excited for week 3 coming up!  We will be doing a fun new Unit Study.

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