Wednesday, October 3, 2012

God is Good

I am trying to read the word of God each day.  It is a struggle for me.  I saw a sweet friend posting verses like this on Instagram and on Facebook and decided that it looked like an easy, fun way to get my reading and S.O.A.P done each day.  I love to doodle, and I like to write so it is a great fit for me.  How do you do your Bible study?  I hope to make this a part of my blogging, each week.  

I am linking up at Wednesday In the Word over at Sam's Noggin.  Join me!


  1. I see a lot of this on Instagram as well. I have done a few, but don't know that mine are as good as others, and just stopped. I don't know that doodling is my thing. ;) Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I think that my friend has some one that came up with the idea behind it and that there is a "real way" to do it. But I just doodle my favorite part of the verse. I even sometimes do my S.O.A.P in different colors and make it *pretty*. I don't know that there is a wrong or bad way, just so long as I am in the word!