Thursday, October 4, 2012

Print-At-Home Planner

If you have read any of my blog posts then you know that I love to plan.  I love planners.  I love lists.  My love of these things has taken me on a long journey.  In search of the "perfect planner" and I have yet to find it.  Some of my favorite planners are Moms Tool Belt {my favorite!!}, The Well Planned Day (Paper edition) and a Mead planner I purchased at WalMart for $12 {can't find a link, sorry}.  I have a subscription to the My Well Planned Day software but it is not a good fit for me.  I guess I  like pen to paper better.  While in search of the perfect planner I started creating my own.  I started with some workbox planners.  We use workboxes daily in our home but not in the traditional way.  It is more for storage and to keep our stuff organized than to swap things in and out.  We stick to a pretty straight forward routine and do the same thing everyday.  So, I created the by subject planner and it is working out very well for us.  

The workbox planners are good for up to 2 students per page and the subject planners are good for up to 4 students.  The 4 student one is color coded for easy organization.

What is a planner without being pretty?  Well, I have thought of that too!  I created some cover images to go inside of the binder for your planner to make it personalized.  

I *plan* to make more forms and pages to add to the planner as I can.  When you purchase the planner you get the pages that are completed right now and you get all of the updates for the planner!

Soon I will have organization forms for children as well!  

Purchase your planner HERE.  It is at an intro price for $3 the first 2 weeks (ends 10/19/2012) and then will be $5!  I know how hard it can be for homeschooling moms to come up with the funds for things like these and I hope that this low price helps.
You can also find them for sell on Facebook!

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