Monday, January 14, 2013

For the Love of Horses

S is a horse lover.  She loves miniature horses, ponies and large breed horses.  She loves black horses, brown horses and spotted horses.  She loves horses in fields.  She lovess horses in barns.  She loves coloring horses.  She loves stuffed horses.  She loves those odd robot horses they sell in the department stores.  She even loves making horses out of building blocks.  But her most favorite thing to do is to draw horses.  We go through lots and lots of paper around here while we sit around and draw horses.  She doesn't do this alone, OH NO!  She has her brother and I drawing horses with her.  We have an instructional book (purchased at Hobby Lobby for around $5) on how to draw different breeds of horses.  We sit for hours and draw.  I treasure these moments.  Here are some of our creations...

S's Latest horse drawing.  She is working on shading.

My drawing of a horse.

N's horse drawing.  He is 5 but has a great eye for detail.

N's unicorn drawing.  I LOVE this sooo much.

S and her horse themed birthday party last December.


  1. Wow! Those drawings are amazing. Talented little girl!

  2. Thank you, Shasta. She really enjoys drawing and anything that is creative.