Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Pray

I am on January 11, of Jesus Calling.
Today it talked about praying.
I was never taught how to pray.  I was always told that I can and should take everything to the cross and leave it there.  I was just never shown how to do that.  I would just pray and *hope* things would get better.  I would *hope* God would hear my plea.  Today I am so thankful that I have it laid out in front of me.  How I can take my burdens, lay them at the feet of Jesus and walk away!  Here is what I took away from today's reading on how to pray...

  1. Speak candidly - Really, God already knows everything that is in your heart and on your mind.  You are not going to shock Him by telling him your secrets, your wants or desires.  He is there.  He already knows.
  2. Pour out your heart. - Let Him know what you want.  Let Him know what is bothering you, what you desire.  Again, you are not going to shock Him.  He already knows!
  3. THANK GOD for answering your prayers before worrying about the answer. - I have always heard to pray with thanksgiving.  I never really thought about it.  I just thought it meant to thank God for what he has given us.  I am learning now that it really means to thanks Him for what he has done and what he WILL do. (Yeah, that was a HUGE eye opener for me!)
  4. When you think back on the things you have prayed for, thank God for answering them and move on. - This is the whole "leave it at the cross" part that was so foreign to me.  I always wondered how we could just lay down our burdens and walk away.  We are only human and tend to dwell on things (or is that just me?!).  This is the part that is so great!  This is the part where we can sigh and move on with life.  This part is called FAITH!  We have called upon the name of the Lord.  We have showed him the desires of our heart.  We have thanked him for answering our prayers.  We have been waiting.  We think back on those unanswered prayers but instead of worrying over the outcome and dwelling on the "what if's" we offer up a prayer of thanksgiving for what the Lord is doing in that prayer already and we leave it there.
  5. Ask for all things in His Heavenly Name.
I am not a new Christian.  I was saved at 14.  But I am just now learning how to pray and turn my troubles over to the Lord.  I no longer have to hope that things are going to fall into place.  I can now have peace in my heart knowing that God has already been here.  He has already seen what is about to happen and has already prepared a way for me.  He has already answered my prayers I just have to wait on His timing.

Maybe this will help you.  I know it sure has helped me!

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