Tuesday, January 8, 2013

God Whispers...

I pray for God to speak to me.  To guide me and show me how to live my life according the purpose he made me for.  In the last several years I have been rather upset that my life hasn't gone according to my plans.  I want and long for things that are just out of reach and it makes me sad and sometimes you can find me hosting my very own pity-party.  I know - it isn't healthy!  Last night while I was praying about our circumstances I told God that I know he has me where He wants me and that I know I should bloom where I am planted I am just not sure how.  My heart was heavy and burdened.  I felt as though I was letting God down because I wasn't blooming here.  Then he whispered deep in my soul... "before you bloom, you have to grow."  WOW!  Maybe these pity-party sessions, depression, and loneliness isn't against where he has planted me.  Maybe it is a part of the growing process that I have to go through in order to bloom.  In order for me to reach out to others and share with them what God has done for me in my life.  Maybe the trials I am facing are not about me, maybe they are a tool for others.  I felt God's presence with me so deeply.  I felt him comfort me and be with me.  It was a wonderful moment.  I truly feel better about my situation and where I am planted.  I may not be blooming yet but I am growing!

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