Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inspired Wednesday 2/27

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Let me inspire you:
This week I want to talk to you about family fun night!  I must admit that it has been a while since our family has had a family fun night.  It is something I want to take place each week but my family is not very good about keeping a schedule.  We are more a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of family.  Last night we just picked up and drove 40 minutes to the Bass Pro Shop to grab a few deals they have during their Spring Fishing Classic.  Since we left before dinner we even ate at the restaurant inside the store.  It was a special treat for our kids since we do not eat in restaurants very often.  

Last month we had a ton of fun playing Electronic Monopoly together.  Even though the kiddos are small and the game lasts a very long time, they really had a great time.

A while back I made a batch of cupcakes.  I pulled out the decorating kit and we all went to town decorating our own cupcakes as a family.  We had a ball doing it and had a yummy snack when we were done.

It is easy to find fun and special ways for your family to connect.  Supper around the table as a family, day time trips, board games, etc...  The point is, make sure you are taking the time to have family time.  It is important that you get together and enjoy each others company.  You wont regret it!

What fun things do you do as a family?  I would love more ideas to start doing with my family.  Share them in the comments below and make sure you link up to the post!!!  After linking up make sure to grab the button from the page in the menu above "Inspired Wednesdays" so you can show others that you linked up!

Featured Post from 2/20:
In this post, she talks about how her family works out a cleaning schedule and sticks to it.  I know that is something that my family needs.  Go check out her post and be inspired!
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  1. We bake together a lot - it's always a yummy good time! Family fun is so rewarding and can be so simple. Recently we made corn husk dolls with our book club. It was really a simple craft, but the girls are still playing with their dolls a week later. They expressed their creativity, we worked together, and it's something that encourages their imaginations after the fact. It made me realize that I shouldn't be so hesitant to do projects with them for fear of complexity, cleaning up the mess, etc — it's a really important experience for us to do together!

    1. Baking and cooking together is such a great thing to do as a family. My kiddos love baking brownies and cookies. S has an Easy Bake oven and she and her brother will break it out and crank out some cookies and cakes together. I, too, hesitate to do fun activities because of the mess and the time commitment. Working from home should allow me more freedom but I worry that it also pulls me from my children more than it should.

  2. What a great link up idea! Just found you guys on NextGen Homeschoolers site. Thanks for hosting :)

    1. Thanks, Rach! I am glad you are enjoying our link up! Make sure to come back next week and see more. We chose features each week and are having some kick off giveaways.