Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's Pull Together to Help One Another

This is a guest post and giveaway from a dear friend of mine.  Her family has been struck with sickness and she in need of YOUR help.  Read more below and find out what you can do to help and how you can enter to win...  Thank you all!

"Hey everyone! If you "like" {S}DGB on Facebook, or read this blog post, then you know life has taken some amazing twists. And with those twists, many changes.....many, big, scary, amazing, expensive, exciting, crazy, God-led changes.
Please, read up on that post and the CaringBridge site for my husband's sister, Sarah, that it leads to. That will explain this giveaway and why we need you to help us, help Sarah! {go ahead! I'll wait here while you go read....take tissues!}

Ok.... Read it all? Got the tears dried up? Isn't Sarah amazing?! Isn't GOD unfathomably amazing?! We, as in my hubby and our four kids are leaving everything {job, friends, much of my family, band, church, home, weekly night out with my BFF, regular help with kids from nana, beaches, disney and sea world passes that that we devoted our entire entertainment budget to month, many of our belongings and all our furniture, and so much more} and just recently decided also giving our puppy, that we got just a couple months ago, a new home was best now.  {He has an amazing new home with another Christian homeschool family that sends us email updates with thankful for them!}
In turn we are getting the blessings of obeying in these things even when it's hard! And this adventure is just beginning! There are needs though as the expenses of leaving a job, moving equipment, traveling with kids, fuel, traveling to and lodging in Texas for interviews, penalties for early break of our apt lease, our entire entertainment budget still being taken up with those passes for several more months (even though there is no budget for entertainment anymore..ha!), day to day living with no income yet, medicine/medical care (still have to get my stuff taken care of!) and then our final move into Texas will bring more is all overwhelming. We know God wants us there to help Sarah and her three babies though, so we know he will provide! And we know as the Body of Christ, there are so many out there that want to help, but don't know how. This is a BIG how!
Here is the fun part! If you would like to be part of His provision and give a little, then you can enter this giveaway to win a lot! Heather of We Choose Virtues is providing a family kit to giveaway to one sweet family! Every dollar helps us, help Sarah. Every one!
Another way to help is to visit my affiliate links to make purchases you would already be and in the future! They are linked from the tabs and in the sidebar. Sharing this post and those links will also help!
And the biggest way to help, obviously, is prayer! For her healing, our journey to get there, and His provision to make that happen  and in the day to day.

Be sure to visit the other bloggers on the entries to show thanks to them for helping to promote our efforts to follow God's leading!"

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  1. I commented on the blog at the link you provided. Praying for Sarah & the entire extended family!