Wednesday, February 6, 2013


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This week I wanted to share something fun and new with you to help you get inspired!!!  FLY LADY!  Who here has heard of her.  Raise your hands.  WOW!  Ok.  Let me introduce you.  Marla Ciley the FlyLady, started a cleaning program for those of us living in C.H.A.O.S. (Can't have anyone over syndrome) out of necessity.  She lived it and has found a way to fight through the CHAOS and to get our homes ready for visitors.  Each day you get a very short mission to accomplish.  The mission usually only takes about 15 minutes at most.  Yesterday it was to scrub the trash can clean inside and out.  See, short!  I know that if that reminder was not given to me my trashcan would be dirty and stinky still.  There is a weekly home blessing hour that really helps to keep me on task.  It involves all of the mundane weekly tasks that you need to do.  There is a great feature on the website called the LAUNCH PAD with all of the information you need to get started!  That is my favorite feature.  There is even a challenge for your kids.  They have daily reminders available and they are affiliated with Cozi (a free online calendar).  Cozi inputs each mission right into your calendar and you just look it up and go from there.  Great feature huh?

I hope to talk to you more and more about Fly Lady and how I use it in my home.  Today I wanted to introduce you to what helps me stay inspired to clean my home through the week!

SO, what inspires you?! I cannot wait to hear!!!

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  1. I too am a big fan of FlyLady. I often say "DING" (Do It Now Girl) to myself, which I got from her. Something that would just take a few seconds to deal with now can end up becoming an invitation to leave something else piled next to it,with the mental promise that you will get to it "later". Even before FlyLady, I was always one to lay out all my clothes the night has been such a lifesaver so many times (think alarm clock malfunction and important meeting at work happening on the same day........)

    1. I love the DING thing! I had not heard that one before. I will make a note of it and use it for sure!!! Thanks, Lynne.

  2. Finding FLYLady many years ago enabled me to keep homeschooling. I was too disorganized to do it otherwise. I ended up writing an article about her for Woman's Day and getting a blurb on the back of Sink Reflections. She has done us homeschoolers a great service!

    1. I loved the book Sink Reflections. I should have added that to my blog post. It was a great read. I will have to check it out again to see your blurb.