Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Heart

It is no secret that I didn't want to homeschool my children.  I would look at homeschooling moms and wonder why in the world they ever made that decision.  Why would they keep their children home and not around other children?  Wouldn't the children suffer some sort of social delay?  Would they really learn anything?  I bet their moms have perfectly clean homes, bake their own bread, sew up their own clothing.

Then one day while out to lunch, with 2 very special women, God spoke to my heart.  He convicted me right then and there about homeschooling my children.  I came home and half expected my husband to laugh at my notion.  To shoot me right down and insist they our children attend public school.  You know what he did?  He said he couldn't agree with me more and was completely on board.  I set out that evening researching and connecting with other homeschool moms.  Guess what!  Turns out that most homeschool moms have messy kitchens, laundry piled high, finger prints on their front doors and full hearts.  They are busy teaching, leading and working with their children.  Most of the moms I have spoken with say they wouldn't trade one day of homeschooling their children for anything.

And those unsocialized children?  They are some of the most polite, well behaved, and respectful children I have met.  Seriously!  My mom commented the other day that a homeschooling family came into the hospital where she works and the teenage son spoke to her with respect.  He helped his mother with his younger siblings and conducted himself in a manner most of the staff in her office was not accustomed to.  She said she beamed when he told her that he was homeschooled.  That day she got fully on board with our families decision to homeschool.  Would you believe that my in-laws are my biggest cheerleaders?  It is true.  I was blessed with 2 amazing parents-in-law.  They have supported our decision 100% and back us up.

God gave me a calling 2 years ago to stay home and teach my children.  He set this in motion and saw to it that my support system was completely in place.  I pray that this is your situation but if it is not, I pray that God will give you an awesome support team.  Reach out to other homeschooling mamas (you are welcome to shout at me!) for help.

Remember we are in this together.  God created us to lift each other up, to come along side each other, and lend a hand.

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