Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Off the Hook - No crochet this time.

My clever way of keeping up with my dusting cloth that I use daily at my computer desk.
I love microfiber cleaning cloths.  They clean EVERYTHING.  I use them wet and dry.  I use them with cleaners and with just plain ol' tap water.  I love to use them on my electronics because they do not scratch but they buff and shine the screens.

I keep one at my desk to clean my computer monitor, cell phone screen, dust the desk, clean my glasses, you get the point.  The trouble is, I often cannot find it!  So I decided tonight that I would fix my problem with one quick stitch!

1 Microfiber Cloth - I a pack of 2 at the Dollar Tree for $1!
4" piece of ribbon
Sewing Needle
Thread to match the ribbon/cloth.

I heat sealed my ribbon piece.  That keeps it from raveling on your finished piece.

Decide where the ribbon would work best.  I decided to put it in the corner .  I thought about maybe the middle of one side but changed my mind.

Add a few stitches.  I went in a crisscross fashion and then back and forth.  Its a bit caty-wampas.  :)

Hang it close to your desk.  I used the nob of the door that incloses my PC tower.  I think I will get a 3M hook for the inside and tuck it in there so I don't have to fold it up on itself.

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