Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Attitude Adjustment

We have been struggling for weeks with S and her attitude.  She is whiny, hateful, and very argumentative.  We have experimented with different punishments and parenting styles.  I never dreamed that the answer would come in the form of a bottle and brush!

Last week the kids got the opportunity to pick out a new toy from Walmart for good behavior and for helping with chores.  (This is their first new toy since Christmas.) N knew exactly what he wanted.  He got some BeyBlades and a stadium.  S on the other hand wasn't sure of what she wanted.  Recently she has developed a taste for art, specifically painting.  She found a set of acrylic paints, paint brushes and canvas paper.  A great start for sure!  She came home and got started painting.  I could tell a difference in her demeanor within a few hours.  She lost herself completely in her painting.  Over the next few weeks she earned a bit of money.  The first thing she wanted to do was head out to Hobby Lobby and purchase some more paint.  She chose a few new colors and a cute little paper pad to use as well.  The paper pad was $1.99 and then was 40% off SCORE!  She has been painting up a storm.  We have some ground rules though.

1. She has to be respectful of us before she gets to start.
2. She has to have all of her chores done first.
3. When she is done painting she is responsible for cleaning her paint pallets, brushes, and drying them.

If she continues to do those things she will earn more paints and canvases.  Who knows, this may turn into something big for her.  She is great at it and really enjoys it.  And the plus is, it helps her attitude!

Her paint assortment (some of these have been collected over the years):

Her Father's Day present for her daddy:

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