Monday, June 25, 2012

Charlie Church Mouse Review

When I was purchasing the 2012-2013 Curriculum I ran across this cute PC game titled Charlie Church Mouse.  It was cheap and a great value at under $4 for the combo pack!  I had never heard of it before but thought it couldn't be too bad considering the price.  Today was the first time that it has really been played.  The PC has not been in working order since the classroom revamp so as soon as it was ready to go today, N was ready to play.  The first game on his list was the new Charlie Church Mouse PreK.  Here are my thoughts...

  • Great price!
  • Age Appropriate Lessons -We started with Level 1, of course, and there were 6 different games to chose from.  N's first game was Noah's Ark.  He had the task of choosing the correct animal to load onto the ark for Noah.  It was very cute.  Then he moved on to Creation.  That lesson was a bit more involved. He had a shape puzzle to put together to make a picture of what was created on the given day. He really enjoyed that.
  • Cute Childish Graphics- The graphics are very cute and captivating for children.  N was instantly taken in by Charlie.  He liked the way he talked and the bright colors he wore.
  • Independent Play- N was able to navigate the game independently.  I just inserted the disk and he was off and playing without my help!  How awesome is that?
  • Fun activities to go along with the game!
I think that this game is adorable and I have a feeling that it will be a fun addition to our routines.  S will be testing out the K and Early Education games later this week and I will let you know her opinion on those as soon as she has gotten a chance to try them out.  I DO recommend this game for small children who are able to correctly use the mouse.  It requires very little guidance from mom so you can do something else while your child is learning.  

You can download a sample of Charlie Church Mouse HERE.
You can download free activities to go along with the game HERE.

This review is MY opinion.  I was NOT paid for this review nor was I given anything in return for the review.

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