Friday, June 22, 2012

Character Chart

I created this Character Chart completely out of necessity.  It is summer time here and my children are fighting like cats and dogs and neither is showing good character.  I decided it was time to do something about that.  A friend directed me to her Facebook page after she had talked about facing some of the same issues with her children that I was facing.  I saw that another woman did something like this and I loved the idea. 

My thought behind this is that Character, unlike rewards, cannot be taken away.  Children earn a mark/sticker for each time they show good character.  Those marks/stickers cannot be taken back. 
Discuss with your children ways that they can show good character at home FIRST.  Here are some examples…

-Sharing a new toy with their sibling. 
-Skipping a turn at a favorite video game so that the other can go again.
-Playing a different game or starting a new activity that someone else wants to play even if they do not want to.
-Helping set the dinner table without being asked.
-Finishing their to-do list each day without complaining.

Then move into areas outside the home where they can show good character.  I believe that starting at home will spill over into other areas of their life.
My hope is that this will teach my children they are responsible for how they treat others and how they are looked upon by others.  After the chart is filled in my children get to pick a prize.  They can go to the movies, pick a new inexpensive toy or what have you.  You can reward your child however you see fit.  I also plan to do a unit on character and humility to go along with this so it is more than just a way to get something new. 

Download your copy HERE for free off of Google Docs.  Please make sure that you become a follower of the blog and that you "like" our Facebook Page and share this with your friends before you save the chart.

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